Man Dies on Beach After Sand Tunnel He Was Digging Collapses

An afternoon at the beach turned fatal for a 26-year-old man Monday. 

Fire officials said, per NBC’s Bay Area affiliate, that the individual was killed at Francis State Beach after a giant hole he was digging in the sand collapsed on top of him. 

The man, identified by the San Mateo County Coroner’s office as Adam Pye, was “completely covered by sand” when Cal Fire crews arrived at around 5:30 p.m., authorities said. Prior to that, bystanders jumped into action trying to excavate Pye from the sand, reportedly using their hands and buckets in an attempt to clear a passageway. 

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“It is one of those situations that can go from having a good time on the beach with friends and family to extremely dangerous and critical within seconds,” Cal Fire’s Jonathan Cox told NBC Bay Area. 

More than 30 local firefighters responded to the scene, and although Pye was extricated from the approximately 10-foot hole in about half an hour, he was sadly pronounced dead at the scene. 

“Remember to stay away from cliffs, use caution when swimming in big surf and refrain from digging too deeply in the sand,” Cal Fire said in a press release.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Pye’s family and friends. 

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