Marylin Manson to marry

     Marilyn Manson, the shock rocker made some news the other day, he proposed to hi

s on-again, off-again girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood at a concert in France. For one, i didn’t even know people still listened to Marilyn Manson. The second thought that comes to mind is, man do women have the worst choice when it comes choosing a man. They seem to be attracted to the oddest, weirdest looking and acting people on the face of this planet. You know who else is crazy, Salma Hayek.

    I’m still mourning over the face that she married Francois-Henri Pinault, the french billionaire business man. Salma’s got the big bucks though so you gotta rule out money as a reason she married the French tycoon, but you take one look at this guy and you think, BEAT!  You take a look at Evan Rachel Wood, and you think “hmmm, shes pretty banging,” and then you look at Manson and you just wanna bang your head on a table.  Manson has to have some great game though, his misses is 20 years younger than the rocker, so she must see something special in him, ringing true to the saying, “Love is blind.”

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