McDonald’s Employees Reveal Why You Should Maybe Think Twice Before Ordering Breakfast in the Afternoon

McDonald's Egg McMuffin, hash browns

McDonald's Egg McMuffin, hash brownsJustin Sullivan/Getty Images

The appeal of McDonald’s offering all-day breakfast is the fact that you can waltz into the fast food establishment at 3 p.m. and order yourself an Egg McMuffin and hash browns and they have to give it to you. It’s your right as an American!

Except, according to employees who are working to get out those a.m. items all day, you might want to think twice before picking something off the breakfast menu in the afternoon.

Reddit users in Australia posed this question to McDonald’s employees: “How do you manage all-day breakfast?” (Australia recently got on the all-day breakfast train, by the way). In short: some are not managing it very well.

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Apparently dealing with the all-day breakfast demands is a huge pain in the ass, and that often leads to the food quality suffering. Nothing dangerous, of course. But just little things that would maybe cause you to think twice before ordering breakfast for dinner. Like, meat being cooked at such a rapid pace that there is no time to stop and clean machines out as often as they should be.

“Basically we have the 2 grills and now one is devoted to eggs and [meat patties] and the other grill which has 3 spots does everything else,” one employee says. “Sausage and [meat patties] regularly go down on the same grill one after the other without a steam clean.”

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And based on this worker’s insight, people should maybe stay away from any egg dishes after 3 p.m.

“After about 3 we do cook to order breakfast which takes up so much f–king time, I work at a new store that opened up 4 months ago so space isn’t really an issue but cleaning the grills to put down sausage is a bitch,” they wrote. “Plus sometimes you get lazy c–ts that just cook a bunch of eggs and then use that for the next 5 hours…do NOT order all day breakfast after 3 because you don’t know what you’re going to get, some of my co-workers disgust me.”

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Obviously, these employees don’t represent every restaurant, but it does offer some interesting insight into how an establishment like McDonald’s is handling such a big shift in its operations. And all-day breakfast has been a big success for the company, so we doubt the employees complaining about the change will cause them to stop any time soon. Especially since many McDonald’s in the U.S. are currently testing the full breakfast menu as an all-day option instead of just a few items.

Personally, we won’t be satisfied until we are guaranteed hash browns 24/7/365.

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