Mr. Robot’s Finale Brilliantly Sets the Stage for Season 2 With Twists, Turns & New Questions

Rami Malek, Mr. Robot

Rami Malek, Mr. RobotPeter Kramer/USA Network

Mr. Robot rewatch, anyone?

As the first season of USA’s surprise summer hit came to a close tonight, all we could think was that we needed to watch it all again immediately. While that wasn’t the biggest, most intense finale we’ve ever seen, it definitely set the stage for a season two we already can’t wait for.

First of all, the big hack finally happened this week, and it was just as devastating for the big corporations as it could have been, even prompting E Corp’s EVP of technology to admit that the hack was unfixable before committing suicide on live TV. This was the controversial and hard-to-watch scene that got the finale pushed back a week, and as painful as it was, it was an effective scene.

The suicide was witnessed from just a few feet away by Angela (Portia Doubleday), who spent the rest of the episode trying to get the blood off of her shoes by buying new ones while deciding whether or not she would remain at E Corp.

For everyone who wasn’t a big corporation, the hack was most welcome since it erased all of their debt. Darlene (Carly Chaiken) and the rest of the crew erased all evidence that they were ever involved by burning their harddrives in a pet crematorium, and letting all the dogs out in the process. They then threw a raucous End of the World party at the Arcade, and would worry about tomorrow later.

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Then, there’s Elliot, whose increasing psychotic breaks are portrayed incredibly well by Rami Malek. He had disappeared for a few days only to then wake up in Tyrell’s car, with Tyrell nowhere to be found, and with no memory of what happened during those three days. He spent the episode trying to piece that time together with very little luck, especially when talking to Tyrell’s extra shady wife, Joanna. 

He did find a flash drive in Tyrell’s car which contained a video of him throwing himself over the railing at the boardwalk, meaning that Tyrell (or whoever may have planted the flash drive) was at least somewhat aware of what was going on with him.

Elliot eventually got himself into a fight with Mr. Robot, meaning he was choking and yelling at himself in the middle of a busy café before getting punched for something Mr. Robot actually did. They get into another fight outside in Times Square, where Elliot’s mother and younger self also appear to tell Elliot that they’re all together now, and they’re not going away.

Mr. Robot instructs Elliot to get on the subway, go home, and check out the hack for himself, which he does, until somebody mysterious knocks on his door…

That wasn’t even the end of things, however, as a post-credits scene found Phillip Price having a little meeting with White Rose, aka the leader of the Dark Army. Something else is clearly going on, and now we’ve got to wait until who knows when to find out what it is, who was behind that door, and what on earth happened to Tyrell.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to rewatch the season from the beginning while simultaneously downloading this show’s soundtrack and finding a subway to listen to it on. 

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What did you think of Mr. Robot’s season finale? Sound off in the comments! 

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