Mychal Kendricks Professes His Love for Rihanna, Wants to “Put a Smile on Her Face” By Go-Cart Racing

Mychal KendricksJennifer Cooper/E! Entertainment

Football studs must have a thing for Rihanna!

After San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick exclusively confessed to E! News that he has a crush on the Barbados beauty, another football stud is coming clean about his love for the singer.

“She is pretty and cute. She is self-made as far as getting herself off that island. She is successful,” Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks told E! News exclusively during Super Bowl weekend. “I heard she has a crazy aura and people’s energy are just drawn to her and she has the ability to attract other people’s energy.”

It also may have helped that Rihanna called out Kendricks as her #MCM (Also known as Man Crush Monday) on Instagram last year after a tough game.

“We had just lost the day before. We were out of the playoffs and it was really sad around the facility because we were doing so good and we showed lots of promise and then we lost,” he admitted. “[Then] this Rihanna post happened to me and I was not sad and mad and upset or however they were feeling. I was the complete opposite.”

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Although the flirtatious gesture happened more than 13 months ago, it wasn’t until this past week when Kendricks decided to return the favor and proclaim Rihanna his #WCW (or Women Crush Wednesday) on Instagram.

“I always imagined I would see her at a club and go over there with full confidence and go up to her,” he explained. “I am just trying to put a smile on her face….If I took her on a date, I’d probably take her go-cart racing cause I am a kid at heart.”

But wait, there’s more! “We for sure have to eat,” he added. “I would take her to one of my favorite steak places. Del Friscos is pretty good.”  This just gets better and better RiRi.

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Before Rihanna says “yes” to any date, she may want to know about Kendricks’ deal breakers. As it turns out, he has a thing for weaves and butts.

“If you have a weave, I mean everyone wears them but please don’t let it look like you have it in your hair,” he advised. “That is a no-no. I can’t do that! Also, when you pose for pictures, don’t stick out your back when you don’t have a butt. Just be presentable!” LOL. He’s a man who knows what he wants, folks.

Putting dating and relationships aside, Kendricks admitted to E! News that he will be cheering on the Seattle Seahawks during today’s game. And when it comes to “deflate gate,” the NFL pro has some opinions.

“I think it’s bulls–t. I just don’t know how that happens at this level of play,” he shared. “I wouldn’t doubt that they did whatever it takes to win. If you’re being bad, you can’t get caught and that being said, there is something going on and we will never truly know. It’s a little unfair.” The FNL continues to investigate.

Super Bowl XLIX kicks off tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET / 3:30 p.m. PT live on NBC.

Mychal KendricksJennifer Cooper/E! Entertainment

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