Prepare Yourselves! The Flash’s Zoom “Truly Is Evil Incarnate,” According to New Flash Teddy Sears

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The FlashThe CW

Confused as to who the heck Jay Garrick is, and how he can possibly also be The Flash when Barry Allen is The Flash? Then pay very close attention to tonight’s episode, because many of your questions about the DC Comics TV multiverse will be answered.

“It’s going to flesh out exactly who this mystery man is and why he’s there and what his story is,” Teddy Sears tells E! News.

But there’s a lot of information to behold. “There are a lot of characters who all have their own stories, for one, and then we’re introducing the multiverse, which is this existence of literally 52 other Earths in addition to our Earth, which the show takes place on, which is Earth 1. So it only has a greater potential for confusion but the writers are good at distilling it down to its essential components. It’s a lot of fun. It’s good versus evil, and there’s some humor in it always.”

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The FlashThe CW

Speaking of evil, we’ll also be introduced to this season’s big bad guy, Zoom. “He’s the worst,” says Sears. “He is TERRIBLE. He truly is evil incarnate. He’s the perfect villain for season two.”

One thing you might’ve already noticed about Jay, who has spent his time away from Earth 2 learning as much as he can about the STAR Labs crew, is his—let’s call it distinct—haircut.

“They sort of went a little bit Mark Hamill, Star Wars-esque hairdo straight out of the gate,” Sears spills—but it was for a reason. “I was finishing on Masters of Sex and we were approaching the ‘70s so I had to keep my hair long while I was shooting both at the same time.

“And then once I was done with that, Jay Garrick comes to Earth 1 for a haircut. It’s not addressed in the script but [we] were throwing in lines to address it because it was such a dramatic change, but we’ll see if the editors kept it in,” Sears joked. “I like to joke that Jay Garrick’s on Earth 1 because there are no good barbers on Earth 2.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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