#RichKids of Beverly Hills’ EJ Johnson Talks Designer Bags: “It’s Like Debuting a Person or a New Celebrity”

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We’re not just excited about the fact that season two of #RichKids of Beverly Hills is almost here…we’re also excited about the fact that EJ Johnson will be joining the show fulltime!

With one semester left of school, EJ is taking some time off to stay in Los Angeles with plans to return to New York in the spring to finish his studies. In the meantime he plans to hang out with friends and family, attend Dodger games, work on his new blog along with several other fun projects, in addition to his favorite pastime: shopping!

When we saw EJ recently, he was sporting his most recent purchase—a runway bag from this season’s Chanel. And in true EJ style, he couldn’t wait to talk about it!

“I’m obsessed with it,” he said. “It’s fierce, it’s fabulous, it’s amazing—it’s perfect. It’s black and white, it’s just me. It makes a statement, everyone gags over it. I’m getting excited just talking about it!”

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According to the fashionista, a lot goes into debuting a new bag. It’s a process that EJ refers to as “strategic” and similar to “debuting a person or a new celebrity.”

“It depends on the bag,” EJ explained. “Obviously if it’s a larger bag, you can always debut it at a nice lunch or a good shopping date—maybe like a luncheon or a Dodger’s game. Obviously for smaller bags, clutches and stuff, you can always wait for something in the evening like a big party. Either wait for a party or a big dinner—something where you can really walk in and give it a moment and everyone is like, ‘Oh my god, what is that?'”

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In addition to updating his fabulous bag collection, EJ recently hosted E! News and has been working on his reporting skills in addition to his new blog, which he claims is completely different from Morgan Stewart‘s blog, Boobs & Loubs.

“I think that her blog is more centered around opinions about day to day life and that’s not what my blog is about,” EJ explained. “It’s more about fashion and style and what’s going on in entertainment. It’s about everything that I want to talk about and really put my spin on and share with my followers, fans and everyone who’s really interested in checking it out.”

When we asked for EJ’s take on the hottest summer trends, he was quick to point out that he’s a huge fan of fringe and metallics but he also reminds people to incorporate trends in and out of their wardrobe as they see fit and to avoid getting “too trendy.”

As for his thoughts about appearing on season two of #RichKids as a series regular? EJ said, “I’m super excited. I always have fun with everyone. It’s been great and I’ve been enjoying myself a lot. Of course there’s always drama but we’re always doing the most so it’s cute.”

Watch the above clip to get a sneak peek at what’s in store for season two of #RichKids of Beverly Hills!

—Reporting by Jeffrey Wisenbaugh

Tune-in for an all-new season of #RichKids of Beverly Hills this Sunday, August 3 at 10/9c on E!

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