Saturday Savings: Bella Hadid’s Ankle-Wrap Heels Are 40% Off

You don’t need to be 5’9″ or belong to the Hadid clan to feel like a model. Heck, you don’t even need the deep pockets. 

Why? Because Bella Hadid‘s Dolce Vita Harvyy Heels are on sale now—for 40 percent off! For $ 80 (considerably cheap for any celeb-approved piece of fashion), you can walk a mile in the model’s shoes. Considering the chunky block heel and ankle support provided by the ribbon laces, we’re betting it’ll be a relatively comfortable trip, too. 

The best part of these shoes? They are made in satin. We know what you’re thinking: Satin shoes? Talk about short shelf life. Those babies will get dirty quick! But because of their sheen, these are the perfect stunners to wear from day to night. Follow in Bella’s footsteps and take them for a casual stroll in a bodysuit and denim skirt, or dress them up in a midi-length dress and sleek hairstyle for a night out on the town. Mixing textured details, like faux fur, will bring more contrast and interest to the look. 

Still worried about keeping them clean? Buy two—they’re on sale after all. Don’t like Bella’s exact pair but love the look. Shop our favorites below!

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