Sofía Vergara Plays Catchphrase With Jimmy Fallon and Reveals She Sleeps Naked—Watch the Hilarious Video!

Sofia Vergara, Jimmy Fallon

Sofia Vergara, Jimmy FallonYouTube

Well now, Sofía Vergara!

The Modern Family star and fiancée of Joe Manganiello appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday and showed off her playful nature and even revealed a little TMI while playing Catchphrase, one of the show’s recurring games, with host Jimmy Fallon, fellow celebrity guest James Marsden and show announcer Steve Higgins.

In the game, a contestant describes an object and the others have to guess what it is. It is spelled out on screen for the audience.

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“Eh, what I sleep in,” Vergara said, without batting an eye, after being asked to describe, “Birthday Suit.” “My outfit for sleeping.”

“Your outfit for sleeping?” host Jimmy Fallon asked. “Uh, flannel pajamas.”

“No, no, think! Look at me,” Vergara replied.

“Lingerie?” Fallon asked.

“No! Better than that! Less than that!” the actress said, adding, “When you are born, when you’re born! What do you wear when you’re born?”

Fallon did not manage to guess the correct answer (to be fair, the phrase is a little outdated) and a playful argument between Vergara ensued.

When it was Fallon’s turn to challenge Vergara, she guessed correctly and did an adorable dance.

Watch the hilarious exchange below.

Vergara appeared on the NBC show days before the release of her newest movie, Hot Pursuit, which hits theaters on Friday.

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