Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Caught Dancing on the Jumbotron, Draw Each Other Without Looking—Watch Now!

Jimmy Fallon had to get something off his chest on The Tonight Show Tuesday.

“I’m kind of a little upset,” he told Taylor Swift . “I’m a little upset because every time I see you dancing at events, and for a while, that was our thing.” The 25-year-old singer-songwriter reminded the 40-year-old host that their public dancing happened “a long time ago,” adding, “We used to go all out. I’m sorry.”

“I forgot about that being our exclusive thing,” Swift added.

“We were famous Jumbotron dancers,” Fallon reminisced.

They recalled attending sporting events in New York, where Swift said they gave it their all.

After contacting various arenas, Fallon recovered the footage and shared it with viewers.

Earlier in the episode, Fallon showed Swift’s Vogue cover with Karlie Kloss and asked her to recreate a video the BFFs made for Vogue.com. “There’s like a best friend test, where you guys get two blank pieces of paper and you draw each other. You have 20 seconds and you’re not allowed to look down,” the comic said. “I was thinking, ‘Let’s test this out. Let’s test the water.’ I mean, we know each other.”

Needless to say, neither Swift nor Fallon should become professional artists.

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This was the second time in a week that Swift and Fallon spent time together. In the wee hours of Monday morning, they performed “Shake It  Off” with Paul McCartney during a Saturday Night Live after-party. “I remember I was up on stage, and I was there with Dan Aykroyd and Paul McCartney, and I couldn’t believe that. Then I looked and I saw you out there, and you were just awesomely cool and fun just like watching and dancing,” Fallon said. “I was like, ‘Please, do you want to come up?’ And you go, ‘Do you have a guitar?’ I love that you were gonna come up and jam on the guitar. ‘Yes, I have a guitar!'”

After Swift riffed, she decided to play one of her own songs.

“I didn’t know Paul McCartney knew ‘Shake It Off,'” Fallon marveled.

“This is the reason for all the guitar lessons!” Swift said. “This is the reason! This moment!”

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