Taylor Swift Shares Sweet Whipped Cream Kisses With Her Enormous Dog

Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftInstagram

If you’ve never contemplated getting a Great Dane before, Taylor Swift ‘s most recent Instagram video will change that for you.

The 26-year-old singer shared a couple adorable (and hilarious) videos of her mom’s enormous dog—who is appropriately named Kitty, considering the family’s love for cats—getting up close and personal with her.

After spotting Swift spraying some whipped cream into her mouth, Kitty wanted in on the action, lunging into the singer’s lap and licking whatever leftovers she could from her mouth.

“It’s mine!” Swift says to the big ol’ pup. “It’s already in my mouth!”

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Swift captioned the funny vid, My mom’s dog is named Kitty. And yet, she is nothing like a cat.” LOL!

Meanwhile, we already knew about Swift’s love for her pets (her cats are practically as famous as she is), but what you may not have known is her love for whipped cream.

Taylor SwiftYouTube

Yes, we dug through the archives and found this hilarious throwback photo of her lounging in her pajamas and downing a can of the aerosol goodness from several years ago. 

Now we can’t help but wonder: Is this how she’s maintained her toned figure all these years?! Seems like the most delicious diet to us!

Taylor Swift, Calvin HarrisInstagram

Speaking of her toned figure, T.Swift looked smokin’ in her recent bikini photos taken while vacationing with her beau, Calvin Harris.

The couple gave us vibes hotter than the sun, gracing all of our social media feeds with some steamy PDA pics no one can stop talking about.

A source told E! News the trip was a longtime coming. “Taylor and Adam are on vacation because they both had time off from their insanely busy schedules this past year and wanted to go somewhere away from it all to chill out. This was also part of there anniversary presents to each other.”

They’ve since returned home, but by the looks of Swift’s video, they’re still getting in some rest and relaxation.

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