The Celebrity Bikini Heatmap: Where in the World the A-Listers Are Donning Two-Pieces

Bikinis here, bikinis there, bikinis everywhere. Celebrities wear swimsuits like a second skin, and who could blame them? If we were millionaires without a 9-to-5, we’d be jetting off to exotic beach locales constantly. 

But not all bikini hotspots are created equal. There is a certain hierarchy among the many, many locations around the world where A-listers don swimsuits. Discerning vacationers know that going to Acapulco is one thing, but going to Cabo is a scene. You could hit the sand in Positano, but it’s really a party in Lake Como. And why board a cruise when you could experience that yacht life?

That’s why the official bikini heatmap is so necessary. It’s a full time job to keep up with the trends, so consult this handy guide to be instantly in-the-know about where the celebs are donning their two-pieces. 

Lake Como is George Clooney‘s personal paradise. He’s the king of Lake Como. The fact that he’s practically the mayor of the town automatically puts it on the (heat) map. It’s not just Clooney and his cronies who find Lake Como an alluring place to boat around—celebs from Channing Tatumto Madonna hit the rocky Italian shores for some R&R. The one drawback of Lake Como (and the reason it’s the lowest rung on the bikini locale ladder) is that it’s not always the best bikini weather. So even if the A-listers are rocking swimwear, a cover-up or sweater is usually necessary. And what fun is that?

Calling all Aussies! It’s no secret that many of Hollywood’s biggest actors came from Down Under, so it makes sense that whenever they choose to make the pilgrimage back across the pond (the other pond, that is) Sydney instantly turns into a hotspot. Bondi Beach is the place to be, celebrity-wise. It’s Sydney’s most spectacular stretch of sand, and it attracts huge names every year during the Christmas season when the country’s A-listers are home for the holidays. Yes, that means Hugh Jackman, of course, but also Naomi Watts and Cate Blanchett and the Hemsworth brothers. 

The beach also hosted one Scott Eastwood for a stretch this winter while he was in town filming Pacific Rim, and the place was never the same. 

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Drop a yacht anywhere in the ocean, put a few celebs in bikinis on it, and it’s instantly a hotspot. Don’t believe us? Ask Leonardo DiCaprio

Maybe it’s the relatively easy access from Los Angeles, maybe it’s the great fish tacos, but celebrities love Hawaii. They vacation there, they honeymoon there, they even get married there. And all the while, they’re wearing swimsuits. Not a week goes by that we aren’t eternally jealous of at least several A-listers who are soaking up the sun in Maui or Oahu. There isn’t even a point in listing the actors and musicians who call this place a vacation favorite, because probably every famous person has been here at least once. 

But, pro tip, there are a few celeb-loved locales on the islands—hit up Turtle Bay or the Four Seasons for a sighting or two.

All hail Jennifer Aniston, the Cabo Queen. Sure, this place is a veritable hotbed of celebrity activity—thanks to its proximity to Southern California and wealth of overpriced resorts and private villas—but nobody does Cabo like Jen. Many have tried: Jessica Albagoes for girls getaways and family fun, Chrissy Teigenand John Legendhead down for de-stressing, Lauren Conrad did a Cabo Bachelorette Party. But no one lives up to Aniston’s standards.

Jen comes here for everything: Couple’s retreats, birthday parties, 24-hour getaways, wellness retreats, you name it. If you spot Jen at LAX, there’s a 75% chance she’s heading to Cabo. She’s started a mini revolution, introducing everyone from Courteney Coxto Jimmy Kimmelto John Krasinksi to the Baja good life. Give the woman a poolside chaise lounge, a bikini and a bottle of Smart Water and she’s set for life. 

Bienvenido a Miami! Everything about this places just screams bikini! It’s easily the swankiest place in America for celebs to strip down poolside (or beachside). There must be something in the Mojitos, because every inch of the sand here is on fire. Sure, the nightclubs rife with big-name DJs and bottle service and those crazy sparklers are a particular draw, but many A-listers opt for luxe living during the daylight hours as well. 

Like Emma Roberts, who never fails to indulge in the local cuisine of drinking straight out of a coconut. Or Rihanna, who undoubtedly prefers her beverages slightly more spiked. Or the Kardashians, who always seem to find themselves basking on the sand. Or Jennifer Lopez, who basically runs the place. 

Take one Richard Branson-owned private island, add the recently-retired Barack and Michelle Obama, throw in a boat and some kite-surfing, and you’ve got the hottest swimsuit spot on the planet. Make that the galaxy. 

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