The Kansas City Royals Look Amazing in All-Denim Awkward Family Photos

Kansas City Royals

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We’re having some major ’80s flashbacks.

Major League Baseball’s official Twitter account has treated fans to a hilarious video starring a few players from the Kansas City Royals.

What goes down in said video?

Oh you know, just a few bros posing together in some throwback all-denim looks for a photo shoot of awkward family pics. No big deal.

Royals’ teammates Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain, Jarrod Dyson and Salvador Perez go from chilling on the field in their uniforms to hitting a dressing room to change into tight, high-waisted jeans, white turtlenecks, and denim, button-up shirts.

We have to admit: the 2015 World Series champs look pretty damn good.

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It’s not an easy look to pull off, but somehow these nostalgia threads don’t look all that awkward on the athletes.

The Royals players then strike a few poses, solo and together, in their denim looks.

Why? Because they’re like a family, so obviously they need some weird family photos together.

If we’re allowed to make requests for the next video, may we humbly suggest adding fanny packs, like this throwback gem from Dwayne Johnson?

After all this denim, we’re sure the Royals are ready for Rock status when it comes to flashback fashion.

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