The Royals Love Lockdown: Look Back at Season 4’s Hot Hookups and See Where All the Regal Romances Stand!

It’s been quite the messy season for our favorite royals. From hookups to breakups and one very big makeup, we’ve seen it all on season four of The Royals.

The season kicked off with a love Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) thought she lost, but it wasn’t long before she was back in Jasper’s (Tom Austen) arms.

Meanwhile, Prince Liam (William Moseley) was conning Greta only to make his way back to Kathryn (Christina Wolfe)—AKA King Robert’s (Max Brown) ex— who was busy choosing his wife-to-be. He was nearly seduced by the devious Cassandra (Emily Barber) before tying the knot with Willow. 

We can’t forget Queen Helena’s (Elizabeth Hurley) sordid affairs either. From a tryst with her former flame, the Prime Minister, to hot hookups with Sebastian (Toby Sandeman)—who originally had eyes for Eleanor—the queen was busy this season.

The Duchess (Joan Collins) made her return as well with a self-proclaimed “Italian stallion” on her arm. Sadly, Count Bellagio (Richard Brake) turned out to be no royal at all, but instead just Jasper’s conman father.

We know, it’s a lot. Watch the video above for a little help unraveling all of this season’s most regal romances and hot hookups!

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