Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Compete in a Very Tasty Spelling Bee

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Compete in a Very Tasty Spelling Bee | E! Online

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Tori Spelling recently opened up about the state of her marriage on the Today show, saying her relationship with husband Dean McDermott has greatly improved since confessing his two-day affair with Emily Goodhand. Now that they’re back on track and better than ever, Tori and Dean are heating up with some fun competition.

The True Tori stars participated in a very delicious “Tori Spelling Spelling Bee,” where each celeb was asked to spell named of delicious foods, in honor of their family’s upcoming food-focused TV special on the Cooking Channel. Tori took the first round and had to spell the word “zucchini,” and she did so without a hitch.

Next up was Dean, who had to spell “bruschetta.” After completing it successfully, Tori complimented her husband. “That was super sexy and impressive,” Tori cooed.

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The words only got trickier from there. When asked to spell “gyro”—pronounced “hero”—Tori stumbled and asked for the definition because she wasn’t quite sure. Upon hearing it, however, she spelled it perfectly.

Dean was asked to spell “Worcestershire” next, but he, too, stumbled over it and ended up spelling it incorrectly. Sorry, Dean! When the Spelling bee came to an end with Tori emerging as the victor, she joked, “You’re still the best chef, but I’m still the best speller.”

With a last name like Spelling, we can’t be surprised!

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