True Blood’s Sexy Hook Ups, Who’s on the Block on Big Brother & More OMG TV Moments

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Happy Sunday, TV watchers! The weekend may be over but the fun is just beginning, and it’s a True Blood night, so you know there’s plenty of fun to be had. Plus, it was Christmas (in July) on both The Leftovers and Real Housewives of New Jersey, and another night of crazy strategizing on Big Brother. So if you’re all caught up, read on for the night’s biggest TV moments!

True Blood: For a while, we thought nothing was really happening as the Bon Temps residents partied it up in mourning/celebration of defeating the sick vampires. Andy proposed to Holly and Lettie Mae stabbed Willa for her blood, but all the action really happened in the last half of the episode. Feeling ignored by Jessica, James ended up (finally!) kissing and then having sex with Lafayette. When she found them together, Jessica ran right into Jason’s arms, and they ended up also having sex, which Violet heard through the bedroom door.

On their quest to kill Sarah Newlin, Eric and Pam ended up at a big fancy Republican party where they hoped to find Sarah’s parents. Sarah showed up to get help from her mother as she ran from the Yakuza, who then showed up at the party and killed both of her parents. Eric easily (and disgustingly) killed them, leaving Sarah alive for him to later kill.

And finally, Bill took a bath. But when he got out of the bath and looked in the mirror, he found a dark vein creeping menacingly up his chest…

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Big Brother: The most boring game in the world continued as the houseguests battled for HoH by slowly moving eggs across chicken wire. It was neck and neck between Cody & Frankie and Amber & Zach, with Brittany and Jocasta close behind. Victoria broke a bunch of eggs, and the show made fun of her. Cody and Frankie eventually won. We yawned.

A new/old alliance formed, consisting of the Bomb Squad minus Devin, Amber, and Caleb, and named themselves the Detonators. We also learned that Cody has a massive man crush on Zac Efron, and that no girls want to share a bed with the annoyingly high-maintenance Victoria.

Cody ended up nominating Victoria for the block, along with Brittany, while Frankie nominated Jocasta and Amber (as part of the Team America mission to put up a physical threat). Brittany was angry at being compared to Victoria, and Victoria cried to Cody about things in general. Cody was only vaguely apologetic.

The Battle of the Block competition was sort of a game of human chess, Harry Potter-style, and it came down to Victoria vs. Amber. Amber unsurprisingly won, sending Jocasta into a fit of happy hysterics and blubbering, leaving Victoria and Brittany on the block.

If nothing changes after this week’s veto, it’s hard to imagine that Victoria’s not going home after it was made clear tonight that no one really likes her, and we’re kind of ok with it.

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Masters of SexShowtime

Masters of Sex: While Bill continued to be a jerk to his wife and child (who are now accompanied by super competent nanny), he also dealt with a young woman whose parents wanted her to have a hysterectomy in an attempt to lessen her insane sexual urges. He and Virginia continued their affair, while Virginia attempted to get rid of Bill’s new secretary in an effort to continue working with him in a more professional setting than a suburban hotel room. Betty, meanwhile, continued to trick her wealthy husband into thinking she was getting fertility treatments, when really she was just hanging out with Bill.

Real Housewives of New Jersey: It was Christmas time in Jersey, and it was actually a fairly sweet episode, particularly in the Guidice household. They’re doing their best to stay strong as a family throughout their legal troubles, and we couldn’t help but be reminded of the best Christmas mornings of our childhoods as the girls opened their presents (including Easy Bake ovens, which we’re legitimately jealous of, despite the fact that we regularly use real ovens), and then lost their minds over their new super adorable puppy. They bickered slightly over who got to have the dog in their bed, so Joe tucked them all into the same bed.

The other ladies’ cheerful holiday shenanigans seemed pretty silly in comparison, though we could understand Dina’s reluctance and motherly excitement at sending Lexie away to college. We cried during Toy Story 3. We get it. 

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The Leftovers: It was also Christmas in Mapleton, and Jill stole the Baby Jesus doll from the Nativity scene. She gave it back, eventually, but it caused quite a stir. Tom, while on a mission with Christine (who is pregnant with Holy Wayne’s baby), was on a bus that encountered a whole bunch of Loved Ones dolls, which are dummies that people can bury in place of the Departed. We also learned that Tom is not Kevin’s son, thanks to Laurie’s message that came along with her divorce papers. While Laurie seems to think she’s too far gone to ever be a part of her family again, at least she regretted throwing away the Christmas present from Jill (a lighter, naturally). Given how frowned upon possessions are at the GR, that seems to be a good sign. 

So what did you think? Do you think True Blood is getting better? Will any of our fave vampires survive the season? Do you find yourself really enjoying The Leftovers every week, despite the fact that you literally have no idea what is going on? Let us know in the comments!

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