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Empire, Cast

Empire, CastJames Dimmock/FOX

Uhhhhhh, did we see what we thought we just saw on Empire? Because it sure looked like Jamal (Jussie Smollett), a character whose entire story arc in season one involved finding his place as a gay man in the sometimes-homophobic world of hip-hop, was kissing Alicia Keys. (Sorry, that’s actually her character, Skye Summers).

Summers, a pop star looking for a new sound, and Jamal were collaborating on a song, as often happens on Empire, and then all of a sudden the two collaborators were kissing, as also occasionally happens on Empire. But not between a woman and a gay man. Oh, Empire, always throwing us curveballs.

This is Empire, so we’re used to being confused by some amazing soapy twists, but this one seems even crazier than the time Lucious didn’t actually have ALS. We’ll allegedly find out more about this particular plotline next week, but considering it’s the fall finale and we have to wait until March 30, 2016—yes, four entire months, pretty much—expect many more cliffhangers to be added to your list of questions about the show.

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Meanwhile: Anika got even crazier, Rosie O’Donnell guest-starred, and Rhonda might not actually be pregnant. (You know it’s an insane episode when that particular plotline is only a footnote.)

The midseason finale will see Lucious attempting to acquire a streaming service to cement his status as the most powerful man in music and jeopardize his entire business model in the process, while Cookie plans a concert at the prison where she was locked up for 17 years.

Anybody else in the mood for a Pepsi? Hm, no idea why but it sounds refreshing right about now.

Empire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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