The best videogames you may of never heard of

So I got to thinking, I was chatting at my local gym with an old college friend. We were bullshitting about various topics when the subject of her age came up. She’s 28, and she’s getting up there and we were astonished as to how fast time has gone since we both graduated (for the record, I’m happily a lot younger than she). By chance I happened to see a young attractive girl walk by, she caught my eye and I thought to myself, “to be in college again.” My friend turned to me and said, “Can you believe freshman this year were born in 1992?” I brushed off my initial examination of this figure in typical guy fashion answered, “ If there’s grass on the field then it’s fair game.”

Later on that night, while in the bathroom it hit me. In the one place where Einstein gave birth to many great ideas and his fictional protege Doctor Emmitt Brown was bestowed inspiration for the flux capacitor, the bathroom has been a sanctuary of reflection for  decades. 

“Man kids these days don’t even know what they missed out when it comes to video games.”

In the current age were PS3 and Xbox360 rule the gaming world kids are growing up with modern classics such as Assassins Creed and Modern Warfare. There was a time not to long ago where giants such as Nintendo and Sega ruled. A time where substance made up for flash. I took it upon myself to develop a list of games the new generation of gamers should make reference to. To pay respect to the old school systems and games that paved the way and pioneered what they are currently enjoying. Each week we will be adding a different game to highlight. N00b gamers and old school vets alike please rejoice as we present to you, Gaming’s hidden little gems!


The Innagural gem of this week:

Killer Instinct

Back in a age where your local neighborhood arcade was a glimpse of things to come, Killer Instinct was one of those games that had all of us cleaning out our change jars. Developed by Rare, the arcade port was one of the most talked about releases for the n64. With a list of 9 playable characters, a skeleton straight out of the special effects shop of Ray Harryhausen and one chest heavy female character, Killer instinct had so many features that made it an instant classic. Auto combos, combo breakers, Ultra combos and finishing moves that resembled fatalities lead to a depth of quirks to us the gamer. Add in humiliations to the mix and the memorable “co-co-comboooo,” sound effect and Killer Instinct was more than satisfying for us fighting game connoisseurs.

B. Orchid- This playable character had young little gamers bawking with hard ons over her overly proportionate fun bags. For back in the age, she looked pretty good for a computer model. Orchid though, has not withstood the test of time as honestly when you look at her now, she looks pretty beat. She was one of the easier players to use in the game though, using her Kali sticks (which resembled raver glowsticks) to start up combos from 5 hits to 33.

My favorite part of the game…hearing the combo breaker sfx. Classic!


Besides Orchid, the guy had some pretty cool characters to choose from. Jago, resembled a mix of Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden and a cross dressers with his mid drift selection of shirts while Fulgore was a cyborg type robot with a similar looking move that resembled Ken’s dragon punch from street fighter. Cinder (not pictured) was a ball of flame similar to the human torch, but he was the easiest guy to cheat with! His forward fireball was a great combo linker, add in a blatant rip off from street fight including an American boxer named TJ Combo, throw in a Dinosaur and a werewolf for comedic measure and a gargoyle and you got yourself a unique mixture of part sci-fi part fantasy fighting game.




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