7 Best Places To Visit In USA

The United States of America, being the Land of Liberty, has won the hearts of many, since it uses the Statue of Liberty as an icon to unite its people. This has brought about much democracy and prosperity in the country, attracting very many people from all the continents of the world to seek new and better ways of living. The many visitors to the country have also brought the diverse cultures and traditions, in terms of religion and in politics. The following are some of the best places one can visit

Washington DC

Being the capital city of USA, has almost all the administrative offices of the USA’s federal government. Being a cosmopolitan city, it has so many cultures that are diverse and have sources from many countries in all continents of the world.
It is famous because of its many national icons and landmarks like the Washington monument, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building, most of which are located around and within the National Mall.

Los Angeles city

Which is the second largest city in the United States of America, and is found in the Southern part of California. It is surrounded by valleys and mountains and the Pacific Coast. It is referred to as the World’s Entertainment Capital because of the many television productions, music recordings and motion films that are conducted there. Despite the smog that covers the city, it is still a cosmopolitan city and has so many combined cultures from many neighborhoods of the world.


Also called the Windy City, is the center for many skyscrapers, hot dogs, pizzas and sports teams. It is the third in the line of the largest cities in the United States, and is found in the north-eastern region of Illinois. It is the home of the busiest airports in the world like the O’Hare International airport. It also has the tallest buildings like the Willis Tower, as compared to others in the Western Hemisphere.

Las Vegas

Is the city, most famous in the world because of the many luxurious hotels, musical productions, extravaganzas and casinos. The area called Strip is the central part of all the attraction in that city, to people of many interests and ages. Gambling, lavished performances and show girls are also common in Las Vegas.

San Francisco

Famous for the Golden Gate, steep and cable vehicles, provides much attraction to many people, with the interests of bike riding and driving across the famous bridge suspending, with very fascinating photograph views.

New York City

The largest city in the United States, is the highly populated, and all the people are busy with their businesses, night and day. One of the largest harbors in the world is located here. This city displays a very bright image for the USA.


Famous for sunny beaches, nightlife and the Latin culture, is also a major attractive city in USA. It has a large port city, holding very many passengers in the world travelling in cruise ships. Art Deco architecture is also located here. This creates a very luxurious life for people visiting the USA.

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