American Airlines to stop offering free blankets on domestic flights

Chilly on the plane? Bring a sweater, or $8 for a blanket-and-pillow pack, if you’re on a domestic American Airlines flight.

On May 1, the carrier will begin charging for a pillow and blanket set on all domestic flights, as well as those to or from Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Central America, according to American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith.

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The $8 charge buys a blue fleece blanket and an inflatable neck pillow that fliers can use in flight and keep for future use.

“American evaluates all aspects of the business to ensure that economic decisions are prudent and strategic for the long-term success of the company,” Smith said in an e-mail announcing the decision.

Passengers on international flights or in premium class cabins still will be offered complimentary blankets for use in flight.

JetBlue Airways started selling blanket and pillow packs in 2008. US Airways started charging for sleep kits last year.

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