Adorable lunatic reviews the Renault Twizy EV

Sometimes when the world gets weird, it’s best not to fight and just let the absurdity take over. This very odd European woman’s review of a Renault Twizy is absolutely a case of that.

With the scissor doors and bubble shape, the Twizy doesn’t need help looking weird, and the little thing fits right into a sci-fi movie. This woman’s review takes everything that’s already bizarre and jams it up to 11, though. Beyond her brief, green-tinted homage to the X-Files, we have no idea what this lady is talking about. She might really like the EV or could be playing a masterful joke. Everything is a mystery.

Interspersed with quick cuts of the woman singing and making faces, the host does briefly take a drive, though we’re sure Renault’s lawyers would probably frown on her hanging out of the car for part of that time. If you need to reset your concept of weird for the day, take a look at this. It’s certainly an odd sales pitch for the electric runabout.

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