Alfa Romeo Giulia interior revealed on YouTube

When our David Gluckman reported from the Alfa Romeo Giulia reveal in Milan last month he didn’t get to sit in or photograph the interior, but he wrote of it, “I liked what I saw of the interior. The center console is angled to hem the driver in a little, which works well with the canted, sweeping dash. It kind of reminds me of the look in newer Mazdas – clean and simple with a good balance of organic curves and straight edges.”

Now we can see what he meant because a YouTube video from user Alfa Romeo World shows off the new sedan’s cabin. We’re going to guess that this is a top-trim setup because there is a lot of stitched leather and carbon fiber in there. It’s a good looking place for driving, and that steering wheel makes our hands want to clutch it. The infotainment area is one flush tinted screen extending from the gauge cluster and holding the line of the instrument panel, and the image appears to show up on the entire screen, not on another smaller screen mounted behind it.

It’s simplicity in a good way, bereft of any gimmicks that we can see, and with a six-speed manual transmission. For all the sportiness of the hard points, the seats look rather flat, especially in the back. We’ll hold off on judgment until we sit in them. Have a look at it in the gallery above, there are more shots at this Facebook fan site, and we’ll be lining up to take a seat in it at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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