Audi imagines a world where mechanics are zombies

Warewolves, vampires, lab-created monsters… they’ve all come and gone from the silver screen, but the latest trend in apocalyptic popular media centers around zombies. And that’s the theme Audi has tapped for its latest ad.

The television commercial is called “Mechanics,” and as you may have guessed by now, they’re the zombies the German automaker is depicting. The spot was created to encourage Audi owners (like the one in this A5) to have their vehicles serviced at authorized dealers rather than taking them to independent garages that may not be after your brains, but might like a crack at your pocket book, at least (as if dealerships aren’t).

The commercial was created for Audi by Thjnk Berlin GmbH and directed by Sebastian Strasser for RadicalMedia, and is worth a watch for the laugh alone.

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