Audi PB18 E-Tron is an electric supercar with a sometimes-center seat

While Pebble Beach is a celebration of automotive history, it’s becoming a great show for exhibiting the cars and technology of the future. Case in point: The Audi PB18 E-Tron concept, the newest electric performance concept sporting the four rings on its nose.

The styling is quite fetching, looking sleek and muscular, or, to use Audi’s words, “broad and flat.” The company says the concept borrows DNA from the R18 Le Mans racer, and is “visibly inspired by the wind tunnel and the race track.” It’s also quite reminiscent of the Audi Aicon concept that graced the stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, with one big difference: While the Aicon was all about automated driving, the PB18 features “Level Zero” autonomy. In other words, it’s all about the driving experience.

Its three electric motors provide all-wheel drive and offer a combined maximum output of 500 kW (or 670 horsepower) and 612 pound-feet of torque. It’ll do 0-62 miles per hour in a little over 2 seconds. A 95-kWh solid state battery provides over 310 miles of driving range on a single charge. It features a charging capability of 800 volts, which means it can juice up in about 15 minutes. It also features wireless charging capability, so you don’t even have to fuss around with a cable.

The PB18 E-Tron uses aluminum, carbon and composites to save weight. In all, the car weighs less than 3,417 pounds. Placement of its battery helps put the center of gravity between the seats and the rear axle for excellent balance. It borrows its magnetic suspension technology from the R18 E-Tron Quattro Le Mans car.

Perhaps the most notable thing about this car, apart from electric performance, is its central seating position, which is ideal for racing. Or the seat can be slid to the side, along with the controls, to make room for a passenger. Its shooting-brake-ish rear end means there’s room for a luggage set exclusive to this car.

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