Audi sings (revs) along to your favorite TV theme songs

Being car enthusiasts, we all feel that the sound of a good exhaust or intake is almost like music. The roars, cackles, burbles, and pops get our heart racing and our souls stirring. And that’s without any sort of tune attached. For this year’s Emmy awards, Audi went a step farther with the “exhaust=music” equation by revving up three of its cars to the tunes of famous TV shows.

The ad series consists of three videos, three songs, and three Audis featured: the R8, TT RS and SQ5. All three cars were placed on dyno rollers so that they didn’t go anywhere, and the revs shot up and down to approximate the notes to the different songs. Not surprisingly, the theme songs featured were from Emmy nominees. The video at the top of the post is from the original Star Trek series. The next one is from Cheers, and below this paragraph is from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

The overall execution is… all right. If we’re completely honest, the cars come off a bit flat and a little harder to hear than expected. But we can’t be too hard because it’s still an impressive feat to get a trio of cars to actually rev along a tune even somewhat recognizably. And we can absolutely tell what the songs are. So good job Audi, but maybe don’t quit the car-making biz just yet.

We at Autoblog have also dabbled in automotive music making ourselves. A while back we edited a bunch of car sounds including engine noises, door closings, and more into a music video. If you’re into this sort of thing, check it out below.

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