Cameraman calls on-land shipwreck before it happens

Just because people own watercraft doesn’t mean they know how to use them, or properly take care of them. That much was proven by a video recently posted to Facebook that shows a large boat tipping off of its trailer. To make matters worse, somebody is heard in the video expecting something tragic to happen.

The video, blogged by The Drive and posted by Maggie Lindwedel, took place at the Public Beach 2 dock on Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach, Missouri. “Interesting things happening at the boat ramp,” the caption reads. Interesting is one way to put it, as the boat, despite gracefully landing on its side on a grassy hill, will likely need some repairs.

The video starts just as the boat is completely out of the water. It’s on a long trailer pulled by a semi-truck, and within 20 seconds, it’s clear something is off. The boat, which has a giant FASS fuel system decal across the side, is tilting. Look closer, and it’s obvious the tires on the passenger side of the trailer are flat.

At about 45 seconds, a man is heard snickering before he says, “OH F***.” A woman is then heard pointing out the flat tires, and the man says, “Yeah, I noticed it inside, that’s why I wanted to come out, and if it’s gonna roll, I wanted to catch it live.” Keep in mind there are still people on the boat at this time, and the color commentators did not feel it important or necessary to alert the owners or driver about the situation at hand.

As the semi starts to take the turn around the hill, the boat falls to the left, as if in slow motion. The bystander’s response? “I got it on camera.” Neither person rushes to help or seems to have any sort of real concern. And that’s the problem with today’s rampant capture culture (the irony of posting this video is not lost on the writer).

Luckily, as far as we know, nobody was injured.

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