Colorado motorcyclist accosted by road raging cop

Helmet cams have become increasingly popular among motorcyclists, both for fun as as a way to document possible incidents and accidents. A motorcyclist in Denver recorded the latter, as his camera was running during a strange and hostile road rage incident at a roundabout with a police officer last week.

According to KDVR, Devin Jones was out for a ride on the morning of Wednesday, June 8, when he encountered a white Ford Explorer stopped in a roundabout near West 48th Avenue and Zuni Street. When he pulled up behind the explorer, which was impeding traffic in the roundabout, he saw that the driver was talking on his cellphone. To encourage the driver to carry on, Jones gave him a blast with his bike’s horn and made a motion with his hand as if hanging up an old-school phone receiver.

“Put the [expletive] phone down,” Jones said, in a statement that was picked up by the helmet cam’s mic. Jones expected the driver to then go about his business and stop blocking traffic in the roundabout. Instead, a uniformed Denver police officer exited the vehicle and confronted Jones.

For the next seven minutes, the cop and Jones argued about what was and wasn’t road rage while traffic backed up behind them. The footage from Jones’s dash camera shows the cop becoming more and more aggressive as the argument goes on.

“He was extremely aggressive, his body language, everything he was doing is what I was classify as road rage,” said Jones.

Eventually, the cop got back in his Explorer without issuing any tickets or warnings, both of which he threatened during the exchange. A DPD spokesman stated that the department is unaware of any complaints filed against the officer in the video and is not investigating the incident.

This isn’t the first time a police officer has been caught behaving badly in traffic by dash cams or helmet cams. Back in 2013, a North Carolina sheriff’s deputy caused an accident by cutting off a driver in a pickup and brake-checking them. More recently, a motorcyclist in Oregon was awarded nearly $ 200,000 by a federal jury after being attacked in traffic by a road-raging Oregon State Policeman. Then there was this cop who posted a video to Facebook that he recorded while driving his cruiser, and this one in Florida watching YouTube on his department laptop while driving.

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