Formulino E electric race car revealed

The great, established racing series of the world have development programs and feeder series. Why should Formula E be any different? At the 2017 European Electric Vehicle Congress in Geneva, a consortium including Dallara and Punch Powertrain unveiled a junior single-seat electric race car called Formulino E, which could eventually support FE, reports Electric Autosport.

The electric racer weighs just 1,200 pounds, and is powered by a 120-kW electric motor enabling a 0-62 mph sprint of four seconds. Its 15-kWh battery pack offers 15 to 20 minutes of driving. Of course, a lot of those specs could change. Formulino E is capable of a 200-kW upgrade, making it even faster. Its current five-speed gearbox could be replaced by a one- or two-gear system. The group is considering making it capable of battery swaps for longer races without car swaps.

Thierry Deflandre, former CEO of Zolder (the circuit featured in the shakedown video above) and head of the consortium behind Formulino E, says that the car could see its first race this year, with a possible championship next year. “In the long run we are looking for a promoter who would like to order 20 cars and to become our partner,” Deflandre says.

Formula E and FIA are not involved with Formulino E yet, reports Autosport. That could change, though, as Deflandre eyes a possible feeder series to the higher-echelon racing championship. Audi Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi likes the idea as well. “As Formula E evolves and progresses, it’s natural the drivers will be prepared somewhere else,” he says.

While Formulino E is a relatively inexpensive car – the target price is about €80,000 ($ 85,900), several times cheaper than a Formula E racer – it could also be used in racing schools and the like. The group hopes to sell 20 Formulino E cars this year, and to expand after that.

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