Harley-Davidson Livewire electric bike would cost $50k if made today

The Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire, an electric motorcycle. Side view.

Harley-Davidson President and COO Matt Levatich rode into the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s yearly confab on a Project LiveWire – that’s the un-Harley electric motorcycle concept, its loudest noise coming from riders singing its praises and shocked onlookers reappraising the brand. While we know that the LiveWire is still being developed, Levatich’s comments at the event suggest it’s one of those good things which we’re going to have to wait a long time for.

Levatich’s comments according to the Journal Sentinel were that the LiveWire “will be ready for the marketplace when next-generation battery technologies are ready.” Right now, the electric bike would travel half the distance buyers want and cost $ 50,000, “about 50% more than customers would want to pay,” said the exec. (We’re not sure if he meant “twice” what customers are willing to pay, which would be $ 25,000; as written, the statement implies that consumers would pay about $ 34,000.)

Harley says its serious about reducing its carbon footprint, and having a polished, rideable bike to demonstrate intent gave the company a voice in talks with battery technology companies like Samsung and Johnson Controls. We don’t know how far technology needs to advance for Harley to give the all-clear to the LiveWire, but in the meantime there are other electric options – though admittedly less attractive – like the Zero S or SR, both of which go twice as far as the LiveWire for one-third to one-fourth its current, hypothetical price.

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