Here’s the 1,250-hp 240-mph Tachyon Speed EV hypercar from RAESR

How does over 1,250 horsepower sound? That’s what RAESR, or Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research, is promising for its Tachyon Speed hypercar prototype. Filmed for the energy company E.ON, for its Freedom is Electric campaign, the carbon fiber vehicle can hit 60 mph in less than 3 seconds, 120 mph in 7 seconds and continue all the way past 240 mph, nearly 400 km/h. A quarter mile is passed in less than 10 seconds.

In urban traffic, the Tachyon Speed manages a range of 150 miles, according to the company behind it. But in higher speeds, it’s downforce that counts, and the 3,000-pound vehicle can generate either 400 pounds of downforce in “low” mode or over 1,000 pounds in “high” mode.

As well as the RAESR, E.ON’s campaign also brought together the world’s first all-electric monster truck known as Bigfoot #20, an electric superbike, an electrified Porsche 356 and an EV Beetle; it’s all done to promote E.ON’s new fast-charging network for electric vehicles. See the video below:

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