How GM is 3D laser-scanning its plants and using Google Glass

There is much, much more that goes into building an automotive factory than simply screwing the structure together, tossing a bunch of robots and employees in and supplying it with raw materials. There is a huge amount of planning that governs how the factory will be laid out, where the various machines and assembly lines will be and why they are where they are.

General Motors is exploring the future of that process, thanks to 3D laser scanning. Yes, we’ve touched on this technology before, although that was in the world of video games, where the team from Turn 10 Studios used the super-accurate tech to map some of the world’s most famous race tracks. In GM’s case, it’s focusing on factory floors, and figuring out how new interfaces and machinery can affect the way factories function and how workers do their jobs.

Vice President of North American Manufacturing Cathy Clegg explained the benefit of laser scanning, as well as GM’s use of Google Glass to allow a “virtual presence” in order to enhance contributions from far-flung employees on certain problems, to Autoline‘s John McElroy. We have the full video of their discussion, so take a look and let us know what you think of these new advances

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