Hyundai’s bizarre pooping robot baby pitches new Sonata

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  • 5 hrs ago

There are certainly some very weird auto ads out there, but a new challenger is entering the ring with Hyundai’s absolutely bizarre Exobaby commercial for the latest Sonata.

Blending inspiration from the video game Mega Man, the classic 1970s TV show The Six Million Dollar Man and a waking nightmare, Exobaby falls very deeply into the uncanny valley. Its proportions and movement come off as just slightly distorted, and the result is a baby that’s more creepy than cute for this ad. Things get even odder just a few seconds in when the robo-toddler poops.

Ostensibly, the Exobaby ad is supposed to show off all of the high-tech features on the Sonata, but many viewers are just going to be left trying to figure out what they’re watching. If you need just over a minute of weird advertising to lift your day, then this Hyundai commercial must be seen.

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