Just Listed: 1985 BMW 635CSi

Cars from the Eighties are looking better and better these days and you can’t beat the bargain prices either.

Take this fine specimen from 1985 — a new Coke red, European spec BMW 635CSi that is currently up for grabs at Bring a Trailer.

This beauty with a creamy tan leather interior made its way into the U.S. when “Back to the Future” and “There’s Something About Mary” ruled at the box office

According to the seller, it was imported from Germany just after it was built, then made its way from Atlanta, Georgia and was eventually acquired by its current Minnesota-based owner about two years ago.

Under the hood, there’s a tidy 3.5-liter inline-six cylinder engine that’s paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The M80 engine offers a fair amount of boost over its U.S. counterpart, which should put it around the 200 horsepower mark.

Its current owner has replaced “the clutch master cylinder, driveshaft, front struts, and steering idler arm.” The E24 seems well maintained for a vehicle of its age and includes a binder full of service records that date back to its importation.

Title is clean and aside from a few minor dings, a quarter-sized rust blister in front of the right rear wheel well, a non-working air conditioner, and a sticky passenger power window — it looks really good.

Yellow fog lights were added along with BBS wheels along the way, but the original TRX wheels are included in the sale along with a mostly intact tool kit.

Overall, this car appears to be in decent shape, with a fine looking interior for its years.

If you are looking for some flashback fun, head over to Bring a Trailer and place a bid today.

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