Just Listed: German 1973 Opel Diplomat V-8

Us Yanks pride ourselves on our muscle car heritage, fondly cultivating an eight-cylinder obsession that reaches all the way back to the 1950s. It’s all too easy to forget that while we are the undisputed displacement kings, GM and Ford both released special, non-USA market cars in Europe and Australia. Case in point: this small-block-powered 1973 Opel Diplomat currently listed on eBay.

It looks a little “off,” doesn’t it? There’s a pinch of uncanny valley about its pseudo-American bodylines. It’s not quite Malibu and not quite Buick. Still, it’s handsome in a subtly aggressive way, possessing the same square, pissed-off stance as contemporary Heavy Chevys.

It’s got the grunt to match the looks, too. Being a rare V-8 Diplomat, it packs the famous 5.4-liter (327 ci) V-8 from Chevrolet’s workshop. The car reportedly wears freshened components from a nut-and-bolt restoration performed between 1991 and 1999, so it should be ready to drive.

We’re not sold on the wheels and the color, but considering the rarity and complete lack of these on our shores, a full restoration back to near-stock would likely be worth the stares and adoration at your local car show.

Before you buy, do consider the cost and challenge of importation from Germany, and the relative lack of replacement parts in the U.S. If something critical breaks, finding someone who is willing to fix this for cheap will be difficult to find. However, you’ll never have to worry about powertrain components, as the 327 was featured in a large number of GM vehicles during the 1960s and 1970s.

Still interested? We thought so. Head over to eBay to pick this Opel Diplomat up for a reasonable $ 16,500 buy-it-now price.

Automobile Magazine

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