Let F1 driver Alexander Rossi teach you to drive a manual

“So here it is. It won’t bite.” With those words, Manor Marussia Formula 1 driver Alexander Rossi introduces the automatic-driving masses to the clutch pedal. He’s got a racing harness. Don’t worry. You won’t be needing that.

“Manuals are awesome.” We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Rossi. “Like, how did you not know how to do this already?” Well, to be fair, everyone on Autoblog’s editorial staff can and does drive a manual on a regular basis. As you yourself say, “It’s the only way to drive.”

After going over the basics, Rossi decides to have a little fun. He’s driving an old, faded red Volkswagen Scirocco, which is pretty sweet, and he’s donning an open face helmet (oddly, it’s unbuckled, but who are we to argue safety protocol with an F1 driver?) that’s painted up in a shade of green usually reserved for bass boats.

Cool stuff, brought to you by the men and women at The Chive. Those wanting a little more instruction on the ins-and-outs of clutch pedals and stick shifts will be happy to know that we’ve got our own how-to video on the process of driving a manual transmission. Check that out just below.

How to Drive a Manual Part I

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