Magnus Walker and Sung Kang swap rides for a trip down Angeles Crest

We’ve seen some pretty slick custom cars at this year’s SEMA show, but none of them have been in motion. To account for this, we present to you a video from eGarage of the “277” Porsche 911 built by Porsche customizer Magnus Walker, and the “Fugu Z” Nissan 240Z built by Fast and Furious actor Sung Kang. Not only that, but the video features the cars’ builders taking each other’s creations for a spin.

The video is worth a watch just for the sound and visuals alone. Both vehicles are sonorous, and distinctly different. Of course this is to be expected, as the Fugu Z features a naturally aspirated RB-series straight six from the Nissan Skyline range, and the Porsche has a vintage, naturally aspirated flat six. Add to this the chance to hear Walker’s and Kang’s thoughts on the vehicles and on the car world, and you have a must-watch video. Walker likens the Z to a cross between a Jaguar E-type and a European Ford Capri racecar. Kang notes that the 911 has a “soulfulness” that he feels is different from his Z because so many of the Nissan’s components are from newer cars.

Both builders also talk about the importance of community when it comes to cars and building them. Kang recalls how sharing the build experience with the people around him was one of his favorite parts of the Fugu Z. This is something that also comes through in Kang’s recent Ford Maverick project he worked on with some high school students.

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