Man hangs onto moving school bus, terrifies screaming kids

No one likes to see a car damaged or disrespected, especially us. But this man went way, way too far in looking out for his ride. As you’ll see in the video above, the man in question grabbed onto the front of a passing school bus and was yelling at the driver to let him on and banging the hood of the bus. According to CBS Baltimore, the reason was because the man saw someone throw a bottle out the window that hit his car.

While the man hung onto the front, the driver repeatedly told him to get off the bus. You can hear kids yelling and screaming on the bus as this is happening. CBS Baltimore interviewed a witness who said the man held onto the bus until reaching a red light, at which point he managed to open the doors and get on board. The witness said the kids were told to go to the back of the bus by the driver. An off-duty police officer and two mechanics were nearby and came over to get the man out of the bus.

The news source reports the bus drove off and that no one was hurt. The offender was then arrested. Ironically, this man, upset for someone throwing something at his car, now faces a charge of malicious destruction of property. He’s also facing three other charges including disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and obstructing a school bus driver.

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