Meet Mr. Donkervoort and his fabulous flying machines

Joop Donkervoort has at least two things going for him. First, the man has one of the most fun names to say that we can imagine. Second, he is responsible for taking Colin Chapman’s Lotus Seven and continuing to push the idea toward ever-higher stratums of performance with vehicles like the D8 GTO. Xcar Films recently sat down with him for an interview, investigating how he got the idea to build such wild-looking speed machines.

Like many great ideas, Donkervoort’s work started from what could have been a tragedy. He became the Lotus Seven importer into The Netherlands, but soon after taking over the role, Joop found out the previous guy hadn’t been homologating the vehicles to make them legal there. Not willing to give up, it forced Donkervoort to develop his own take on the concept, and the company’s first car was completed in 1978.

Check out the video to learn how the Donkervoort went from that modest beginning to building race-winning vehicles that continue to evolve the DNA of the Seven into increasingly better performing sports cars.

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