Midttrafik is back with another commercial to get you on the cool bus

About three years ago Denmark’s Midttrafik public bus system commissioned the most epic ad for public transportation we’ve ever seen. So epic, in fact, that we bought a light blue shirt, royal blue tie, and Aviator sunglasses and sat in a chair practicing how to say “I am cool” in Danish. It’s “Jeg er cool.”

Now they’ve done it again, commissioning the same house that made the first spot, Denmark’s M2Film, to work up an even longer sequel. Whereas the first one highlighted a wild bunch of riders basking in the glory of patterned cloth seats, this one follows public transportation’s version of Cool Hand Luke simply called “The Passenger.” He, his fans, his outlet sneakers with double knots, and his girlfriend from Paraguay are well worth a watch. The new video is above, the first ad from 2012 is below. Enjoy.

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