Monterey Motorsports Reunion captured in 20,000 ultra-high-res photos

The Monterey Motorsports Reunion is always a highlight of the Pebble Beach extravaganza. While the other events that make up Monterey Car Week are mostly static displays, the Reunion brings some of the most extraordinary racing machines to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to do what they were built to do: race around an actual race track.

Unfortunately, the organizers don’t allow video to be shot during the event, but the guys over at eGarage came up with a novel work-around. They captured some 20,000 ultra-high-resolution photos of the event from this past August and spliced them together into one stunning motion-picture display. It runs just four and a half minutes long, but the result is one of the most stunning (and innovative) displays of automotive photo-turned-cinematography we’ve seen yet.

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