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North Carolina Modified demolition derby

Few things make racing more exciting than a good rivalry. Whether it’s watching Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton go at it in Formula One or tradin’ paint in NASCAR, a good fued adds an extra dash of excitement to already tight competition. However, two drivers in a Modified division race in North Carolina might have taken things too far when they turned a short track oval into a demolition derby. The crowd absolutely loved it, though.

Ironically enough, the melee happened during what the Bowman Gray Stadium billed as the Night of Destruction with monster trucks and a demolition derby also on the docket for the evening, but these two drivers gave the crowd even more wreckage than they paid for. According to the track’s press release, which you can read below, the #83 car led for the majority of the race. As the laps ticked down, the #1 car in second place made its move, but it spun the #83 in the process. In retaliation, the driver waited just off track for his rival to come back around and then exacted revenge.

In the aftermath, both men were docked points by NASCAR and put on probation – a seemingly light punishment for using a car as a weapon. Now that you have the backstory, scroll down and watch the insanity unfold.

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Night of Destruction at Bowman Gray

(Bowman Gray Stadium, Winston-Salem, NC) Fans came to Bowman Gray Stadium on Saturday to see monster trucks and a demolition derby – the annual Night of Destruction. But they saw some extra destruction that perhaps wasn’t anticipated.

A little drizzle cancelled the qualifying sessions for the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series, leading to the starting position being determined by points standings. Tim Brown of Tobaccoville started on the pole with Burt Myers of Walnut Cove starting in second.

On the initial start, Myers quickly ducked in behind Brown, giving him a few stout hits to the rear bumper. Brown stayed in control and secured the lead, holding on for the next 20 laps. But as Brown and Myers navigated lapped traffic, Myers had his chance to close the distance on Brown’s #83 car. Flying around turns three and four with less than five laps to go, Myers gave a stiff shot to Tim Brown’s bumper. Brown slid into turn four and lost control, sending him spinning out of the lead.

Brown headed off to the pits briefly before entering the track right as Myers was leading the field and headed his way. The #83 slowed and crowded Myers against the guardrail, taking Myers out of the lead. Then the two fuming competitors rammed each other in an early demolition derby.

Lee Jeffreys of Winston-Salem slowed to a stop to avoid hitting Myers and Brown as Myers lost the lead. Danny Bohn of Huntersville slipped past the wreckage and kept racing. NASCAR Officials initially ruled that Jeffreys wasn’t involved in the wreck but was merely stopping to avoid the accident – so he was declared the race leader.

The rain clouds then opened up, ending the race prematurely on lap 22. Jeffreys was unofficially declared the winner with Bohn in second. However, the results are pending review by NASCAR Officials.
In the Double D Construction Services Sportsman Series, Michael Tilley of Winston-Salem won a cautionless 20-lapper. John Holleman of Winston-Salem crossed the finish line in second but failed to submit to post-race technical inspection. Ryan Nelson of Kernersville was declared the second place finisher.

Jason Keaton of Mocksville and A.J. Sanders of Mocksville were battling for the lead in the 15-lapper for the Traffic Control Safety Services Stadium Stock Series. Sanders bumped Keaton out of the way to grab the lead, but Keaton retaliated and rammed Sanders. A.J. Quakenbush of Kernersville was in the right place at the right time to take over the lead and the win.

Although the monster truck car crushing and the 109 U-Pull-It Demolition Derby took place in the rain, the remainder of the racing events were unable to be completed.

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