NextEV’s massively powerful electric racer filming something on the ‘Ring

The Nürburgring is a fascinating place, where you never know what vehicle you might see twisting through the turns. The latest supercar to make a surprise appearance is, apparently, the powerful, 1-MW NextEV. True to the company’s secretive roots, we don’t know much about what we’re looking at here, but you can see see the incredibly short, vertically shot video for yourself above.

In the clip, you can see the NextEV as the star of what we suspect will be some soon-to-appear promotional footage, since its being followed by an Audi A7 strapped full of camera equipment. The NextEV electric vehicle is supposed to provide over 1 MW of power (about 1,360 horsepowe) and do 0-62 mph in less than three seconds. It is expected to formally debut this November, and will be available in limited quantities in China, the US, and possibly other markets at some point down the road.

The company that would become NextEV first came on our radar in August 2015, when we learned that ex-Ford executive Martin Leach was working on something something electric and Chinese. Leach certainly has big dreams for his company, saying that NextEV soon be recognized as the 3.0 version of an automaker, after the general 1.0 OEMs we see everywhere and the 2.0 model, as represented by Tesla.

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