One man fulfills passion and career with Toyota AE86 coupes

I’ve been obsessed with cars since I was a toddler, identifying cars by their hubcaps before I was old enough to talk, let alone see much of a car. Growing up, I played only racing video games, collected car brochures and books, and only played with car-related toys. If I wasn’t a car guy, I wouldn’t be a regular visitor to this website, so do yourself a favor and quit speaking for other people in an attempt to make yourself seem more justified.

I’m also a car collector, and my specialty includes 1960s-1980s cars from all makes. My taste ranges from large American luxo-barges to fun little Japanese coupes that my generation likes to obsessively drift like giddy schoolboys while slapping on hideous spoilers, redundant stickers, and tacky rims on cambered tires. I’ve owned 18 cars, both American and Japanese (and my most recent was an ’82 Celica), over the last few years while I work on them and sell them. I’m not even trying to make a profit; it’s just my hobby. If the AE86 is this man’s hobby, kudos to him. I’m not criticizing anyone – I just don’t understand it. I’m fond of the AE86 as much as the next person. That doesn’t mean I get the desire to own five of the same thing. Cars are not inexpensive, nor are they a cheap hobby, and with how diverse the vintage and modern classic car world is, I can find no personal reason for buying the same thing five times and spending at least as much in upkeep, registration, insurance, and the like. Not even if I was a millionaire.

I’m not asking or telling anyone to agree with me, but I definitely won’t be told I’m not a car guy by someone who probably rices out single-cylinder hairdryers. A true car guy is someone who can enjoy a 1972 Cadillac as much as a 1985 Supra or a 1993 5-Series, not someone who sticks to a particular subset of car culture; whether it’s old rednecks showing off their Mopars at Woodward or wannabe hipsters showing off $ 500 imports with $ 5,000 worth of gaudy aftermarket parts slapped on. A real car guy will see the beauty in any car without the need for ostentatious modifications.

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