Peugeot Le Bistrot du Lion Concept Redefines the Food Truck

French automaker Peugeot previewed a new concept aimed at making haute cuisine on the go. The concept food truck, called Le Bistrot du Lion, moves past the traditional “roach coach” food truck format currently found in major cities around the world.
The Peugeot expands on the traditional food truck concept to create an immersive and interactive experience for both the chefs and the customers. The side panels of the concept and its connected trailer expand outward, providing separate areas for food preparation, eating, and snacks. A section also folds out to accommodate a DJ. For those who want to see exactly what is happening inside the preparation area, an integrated 46-inch screen with a network of 8 speakers and 32 tweeters broadcast the chef’s actions as he prepares the food.
Peugeot Food Truck Concept Side

an incorporated ventilation system keeps air quality consistent, and a 14 cubic-foot refrigerated compartment maintains optimum freshness for the food. A large 12 cubic-foot refrigerator keeps drinks frosty, and an espresso machine provides an after-meal treat. For actual meal preparation, chefs have access to two grilling plates, four induction burners, and a deep fryer.

The Peugeot Le Bistrot du Lion concept makes its official debut at the 2015 Milan Design Week, starting on April 14. In the meantime, take a look at the futuristic food truck in the photo gallery below.

Peugeot Food Truck Concept DJ Station

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