Porsche builds ‘Classic Project Gold’ restomod for its 70th anniversary

Upending the usual mechanics of gift-giving, Porsche’s making itself a birthday present to celebrate its 70th year in business, then it will auction that gift to the highest bidder. The company’s historics division, Porsche Classic, calls the endeavor Project Gold. All we know of it comes from a line drawing, a 42-second video called “The Vision,” and a couple of teaser sentences. The longest of those sentences states, “A classic body is the starting point for a vehicle that will ultimately become a truly unique piece – assembled in the Porsche Classic workshop and individualized by the sports car manufacturer’s designers.”

The line drawing looks just like the upper portion of a 993-series 911. The sketches in the video reveal progress on something more than just a 993. The front and rear fenders of the body make us think of the 959, as does the side-marker-light indentation the designer makes a point of noting. Only some versions of the 993 series had fender-mounted signals, but the 959 did. Conveniently, there happen to be two 959s in the video parked near the star car. The designer’s sketch in the video gives off 993 Turbo vibes, such as that car’s unforgettable rear wing, but with unusual proportions from front to back.

Whatever it is, every week, Porsche will release a new video covering the coupe’s build. After “The Vision,” we’ll get glimpses of “Laquer and laser,” “Seam and stitch,” “Protect and preserve,” “Engine and electrics,” and then the online reveal August 24. Porsche will show the car to the public September 27 at the four-day Rennsport Reunion VI, held in Northern California. A month later, the weekend of October 27, RM Sotheby’s will auction the one-of-a-kind vehicle as one of 70 lots in the Porsche 70th Anniversary Sale held at Porsche Experience Center Atlanta. No doubt it will be the opposite of a bargain.

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