Quartet of Ferrari FXX K supercars at Imola sound perfect

One Ferrari FXX K is rare. But four FXX Ks in one place is super rare. But even if you are so lucky to see so many of the racers all at once, you aren’t likely to see them running Imola together. So yes, you want to watch this, and turn the volume up for good measure.

Considering the rarity of these vehicles, not to mention the fact that their owners can only drive them under the careful supervision of Ferrari, we imagine the logistics of getting all these cars together was either very, very easy (since the cars stay with Ferrari at all times, like the first FXX) or remarkably difficult, because of all the personnel and equipment associated with each car in the Client Test program. Either way, bask in this scene, because as we said, we probably won’t see it again soon.

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