Randy Pobst Demonstrates the Finer Points of Oversteer in New Video

When testing all-manner of high-performance cars, our colleagues at Motor Trend always turn to their resident hot shoe, Randy Pobst. Randy, who has made countless appearances in episodes of Ignition and Head2Head, now has his own show on the Motor Trend YouTube Channel.

Randy’s new The Racing Line series covers the in-and-outs of performance driving, with tips and tricks to extracting the most speed from your car on the track.

On the debut episode, Randy focuses on oversteer, or what he calls the “Party-Drug of Driving.” Oversteer, as he explains, is when the front wheels have more traction than the rear wheels, and the rear-end begins to slip outward, causing the car to rotate.

Randy spends some outlining the different methods of inducing oversteer, and then explaining how to manage it and ensure that you don’t end up wrapped around a tree or in a ditch.

While a wildly oversteering sports car may look fast around a track, Randy does a few composed and calculated laps in the BMW M3 to demonstrate the difference in speed between drifting and focused performance driving. Finally, Randy talks about a few of the finer points of chronic oversteer with a professional drifter.

Take a look at the first episode of The Racing Line in the video below.

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