Recharge Wrap-up: DS E-Tense on Paris streets, Branson on the future of EVs

The DS E-Tense was caught on video on the streets of Paris, France. The electric GT prototype, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, also recently made an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The sporty looking coupe has two electric motors that provide a total of 402 horsepower and 381 pound-feet of torque, propelling it from 0-62 mph in just 4.5 seconds. It’s possible that E-Tense or something like it could see production some time in the future, as DS looks to add hybrid and electric performance cars to its lineup. See the E-Tense out in the wild in the video above, and read more at Technologic Vehicles.

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin and sponsor of the DS Virgin Racing Formula E team, says, “15 years from now, I suspect every car on the road will be electric.” In an interview with CNN, the billionaire entrepreneur talks about how Formula E will help advance electric vehicle technology in the same way that Formula One helped make consumer cars better. Learn more and see Branson’s interview at Electrek.

A California woman converted a van into a solar powered camper. Christine On took a 2004 Chevrolet Express passenger van, gutted the interior, raised the roof, and turned it into a home on wheels. Then she installed solar panels on top to power her multitude of gadgets. The result is an impressive living space with lots of storage, a sink that doubles as a shower, and even a projector to watch movies inside the van. Prior to this project, On had no experience building anything, and had never even purchased a car. See the timelapse video of the buildout at Treehugger, and learn more at Defying Normal.

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