Red Bull Frozen Rush wraps up after 900-hp truck carnage

The Red Bull Frozen Rush, which takes place on the slopes of the Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine, is only three years old and already has a two-time winner. Bryce Menzies defended his 2015 victory, beating Pro 4 truck legend Ricky Johnson – winner of the first Frozen Rush – in the final after eight head-to-head elimination rounds.

Frozen Rush pits eight drivers in 900-horsepower Pro 4 rigs on studded BF Goodrich tires against each other on a course that would guarantee thrills if it were laid out on dry concrete. It’s like the Race of Champions, complete with an over-under jump section, but with bigger jumps, much larger and more unruly competitors, drifting, and 30-foot rooster tails of ice and snow. And each race after the qualifiers is four laps long.

No one was sure if Johnson would get past the first round, since the veteran took 2015 off from racing. The barrel rolls, two-wheel action, and truck fire that characterized action up to the final continued for the final duel. You can check out the battle and the day’s highlights in the video above. Red Bull has also provided the day’s top five moments and the bird’s-eye view if that wasn’t enough.

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