Remote-controlled snow plow

The ATR Orbiter is a remote-controlled snow plow that can pull an 18 wheeler. Created by Italian robotic company, ATR Robotics, the ATR Orbiter comes with a 42-inch wide snow blade. The stainless steel blade can be swapped out with a bucket that has a carrying capacity of 220 pounds. Learn more at

Transcript: Now you can remove snow from your couch. ATR Orbiter is a remote-controlled snow remover created by Italian robotics company ATR Robotics. The electric robot is equipped with an all-terrain track system letting it maneuver on snow, mud, or sand. The basic robot is powered by 4 rechargeable and hermetically sealed AGM batteries. It’s equipped with a 42-inch wide snow blade. The electric winch has 1,500 pounds of pulling strength on a single line. The operational remote control has a maximum range of 328 feet. You can swap out the stainless steel front lift with a 34-inch wide bucket that has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. ATR Robotics is currently working on autonomous technology to detect and follow objects.

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